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ELR-1E   ELR-2

Earth Leakage Relay


This new series of earth leakage relays from Contrel is suitable for flush panel mounting, with a compact dimmension 96x96mm. The ELR-1E is the basic unit of the new series which has a reduced depth of 60mm, including the terminals.

There are various versions, in order to meet different auxilary voltage supplies. Their wide time and current setting ranges, allows you to easily select the tripping characteristics.

The ELR-2 earth leakage relay has the same characteristics as the ELR-1, with the addition of a double change-over contact. Both the ELR-1E and ELR-2 can be ordered with in-built harmonic filters, making them ideal for applications with variable speed drives.

Earth Leakage Relays

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