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Collision Avoidance

Radio Remote Control


The ReFlx 45, Reflx 120 and LaserGuard2 enhance the performance of overhead material handling systems by preventing crane-to-crane or crane-to-end-stop collisions.

Avoiding collisions, results in reduced maintenance costs and increased operator safety. These systems are ideal for use with all types of cranes with adjustable frequency drives, soft starters, or contactor controls.

ReFlx 45

TheReFlx45 is a cost-effective system, ideal for a singlestop action. All electronic components are built into one housing, enabling easy installation on overhead material handling applications.

  • LEDs indicating power and range allow for simple set-up and troubleshooting
  • 2x0.6 metre adhesive reflector is standard for convenient placement
  • Optional DIN rail mounting simplifies retrofit installations in harsh environments
  • Cable available in custom lengths (1 metre increments)

ReFlx 120

Magnetek's ReFlx 120 System features a reliable, solid-state control board in a small, easy-to-install enclosure. The most commonly wired configuration is the use of a two channel sensor for adjustments to give separate outputs for each channel.

  • Offered as a stand-alone unit
  • Can be removed from its enclosure and mounted on an existing control panel


The next generation LaserGuard2 is the most technologically advanced system available, using self-monitoring optical lasers to check your crane's position. Its multi-distance detection feature is flexible enough to manage crane-to-crane and crane-to-wall operation.

  • Adjustable for three individual contact closures within the detection range
  • Pushbutton programming makes it easy to use
  • Visible redlight provides easy alignment and quick set-up
  • Sensor is backwards compatible with original Laser Guard system

  ReFlx 45 ReFlx 120 LaserGuard2
Min 0.9 m 6 m 0.2 m
Mix 13.7 m 36.5 m 45.7 m
Voltage 24-240 Vac,
12-240 Vdc
120 or 240 Vac 85-264 Vac and
120-370 Vdc, or
9-36 Vdc (optional)
Housings IP67 IP65 IP65
Sensor Bracket
Sensor Cable,
Laser Support Unit,
Mounting Bracket,
Sensor Cable
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